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Yes it’s just like it says, you can Search & Earn with a website called Swagbucks. Now you might have heard of it before or this might be your first time but don’t worry this site is actually in a sense official and is not a scam site as far as my experience with them, and I have been with them since back in 2008. Now all you have to do is very simple you Sign Up and begin using there search engine to earn their currency called Swag Bucks just as the tittle says. Below is an example as how it works. I did a simple search for tips and received 7 Swag Bucks. You can also earn by taking one of their daily poles, Referrals, Swag Codes, Trade In’s, and even Shop & Earn.


Its is easy as that. Once you have amounted a good amount of Swag Bucks you can then trade them in at the Swag Store for Apparel & Accessories, Baby & Toddler, Books & Magazines, Digital Wallpapers, Electronics, Gift & Rewards Cards, Health & Beauty, House & Home, Jewelry, Music, Posters & Prints, School Supplies, and even some WWE Merch.  Here is a look at what some of the prizes may be. Now for those who want to take the extra effort and time can save there Swag Bucks and aim for PayPal give cars, I personally have done it once and got my self a $5 dollar card. It appeared in my account about a week later but none the less still got my money. So you can got that route and get some extra cash.

Prize Examples

Now that you now what it is you can go ahead sign up here or also just click the banner below to go to their site. In case you are not convinced yet you can go ahead and  check our their How It Works and FAQs pages to get answers to any questions you may have left and if not just leave a comment below. Well all that’s left is for you to decide, so what are you waiting for go now!!

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