Trying Microsoft Office 2013 First Hand 2

So as many of you know its been a couple of months since Microsoft Office 2013 has it the market. With it came the usual updates but also a new price. Office 13 price tag comes in two different ways. As usual each version of Office has its own price which you can see here, […]

Office Logo


How To Clean Your Desktop’s Keyboard

I’m sure many of you who have a desktop have a keyboard sort of like the one below. Of course not exactly the same color and model but in essence something like it. Although you use it most of you guys out there either don’t clean it or just wipe the surface. Wiping the surface […]

Search & Earn with

Yes it’s just like it says, you can Search & Earn with a website called Swagbucks. Now you might have heard of it before or this might be your first time but don’t worry this site is actually in a sense official and is not a scam site as far as my experience with them, […]


Yo! What’s up Internet!!

Hello internet!! So I finally launched the site Daigaku Otaku’s (College Nerd translated in Japanese) website. So what will this site be about? Truth be told I have no specific plans as what the site will be about. By the name you can guess it might be something Anime/Manga related but that will only be […]